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In memory of Kolman Turij I am offering the dampoem below called: EXULTATION. Enjoy!
For nearly a couple of hours –
two rival black belt checkists –
Gerard and Booboo –
bent down in an adoration-like posture –
over the ebony checkerboard –
clashed their white and black pieces –
They were leading neck and neck –
and both wiz-kids hoped a win to get the title –
During these tense moments which looked like an eternity –
Gerard seized a chance and took control - --
Was the threat for real? Leaning against the wall of reality –
swept by the wind of despair –
and ready for the worst –
Booboo beheld the checkerboard with disdain and disgust –
as would a defeated warrior –
Should he give up? as the siege began –
his moves restricted –
his position hopeless –
Or should he keep up fighting? Expecting a miracle –
There was but one option: Fight back –
Quick action was needed, therefore –
as the clock ran amok -
Then, by means of a lamb-piece-
Booboo tempted the fault -
That was it! -
The trick worked, admirably,
as his vis-a-vis preyed upon the piece supposedly defenseless –
Booboo using the free tempo –
made another move a propos –
which resulted in a rare winning shot.


Category: US Open 2010 | Added by: Lu (2010-11-11) | Author: Raymond Saint-Fort
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