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Bonjour Mr. Yevgeniy Sklyarov,

I thank you for your interest.I am the president of Association du Quebec des joueurs de dame (AQJD).This year,I win the championship of Quebec des joueurs de dame au 144 cases(squares) also the tournament of 144 of Acton- Vale.  
Three years ago, I was playing at the Open Curacao. Mr Kolman Turiy have won the championship there.  Two years ago, in April 2008, I was playing in Open USA. In USA, I won from Mr Kolman Turiy , and at Curacao, I have equalized. That was an honor for me to play with him and I lost a good friend. I have his checker's book that I practice before the Open USA.
Mes salutations.
Category: US Open 2010 | Added by: Lu (2010-11-11) | Author: Jean-Louis Raymond
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