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Telephone rang. I took the receiver, from which a mournful voice told me that he had disappeared, had gone somewhere, somewhere far from us, far from the banks of the sea and the sky. The feeling which conquered me at the moment cannot be described by tongue and written by pen. I felt, how something broke part of my heart.
Good-bye! My brother, Kolman!

A friend…. Person…. Person, who is the closest to your pain and happiness, your secrets’ your neatest things’ keeper. Despite the kilometers, which were separating us in last years, I never felt this distance. As if he was in me, No matter I was in plague or in fest he was always in me. He always understood me and was my devoted friend. I loved him! And how could not I love him, when in the time of 41 year friendship I do not even a jot of offence, but changing intonation in the voice.
Our friendship has not have ended.
While I am alive, I will always be your remembrance’s and your family’s devoted.

You may think that he had such a brilliant relation only with me? No and No again! He had many friends and had a relation like that with everybody!
This patriot person was choosing friends not according to the race and religion, but by human properties. In his list of close friends you could find: as Jew so Ukrainian, as Georgian so Russian, as Moldavian so Tajik, as Dutchman so American….He loved everybody without distinction of religion or nationality. An ability like that only have such a generous person like Kolman was.
Brilliant family man, the most devoted husband and thoughtful father was distinguished by his hospitability. When the guest was coming to him, his joy had not the borders. In his family The table, which was laid in honour of guests, was always full of love and abundance.
He was a highly qualified civil-engineer, who his life’s many years served this job professionally. The small time, which he had left after job he let to the checkers. I am sure that if not his main activity he would have become world’s champion several times. With my deep belief, we can impute him to the one of the world’s strongest checker player among non-professionals.
Thanks a lot to them, who establishes this tournament for Kolman’s soul’s immortalization. I hope that this tournament’s hosts will show hospitability like Kolman loved and The participants of the tournament will be such checker players as Kolman was.
I hope that this competition will become in a tradition. I am pained because I could not take part in this excellent initiator because of my physical condition.
Good luck Ladies and Gentlemen!

Yours sincerely,
Zakhariy Kituashvili, Kolman Turiy’s best friend.
30.11.2009 Georgia, Tbilisi.

Category: In memory of Kolman | Added by: Qitusha (2009-12-01) | Author: Zakhariy Kituashvili
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