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Main » 2011 » July » 24 » World Cup completed - Unfair treatment of US players
World Cup completed - Unfair treatment of US players
5:09 PM
After FMJD has published the World Cup standing and list of participants for Sport Accord World Mind Games in Beijing, China  http://www.warcaby.com.pl/fmjdwc/?p=104#more-104, we were unpleasantly surprised that the one per continent place was given to Mr. Allan Silva of Brazil. While Allan is a nice young man with a bright future, his performance in both qualifying events was worst than of US Players: Alex Mogilyansky in World Championship and Yevgeniy Sklyarov in World Cup in Ufa. 
We have sent a note of protest to the FMJD requesting clarification and possibly change of rules. It is very doubtful that they will be willing to recognize the shortcoming of their scoring system and change the existing standing, nevertheless, our organization felt that it should make the point that we will not quietly observe and agree to this injustice. Once we will get the reply from the world organization, we will keep you posted. Comments and suggestions from our members in this regard are very welcome.
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we were unpleasantly surprised that the one per continent place was given to Mr. Allan Silva of Brazil

Mr. Silva qualified as the Pan-Am Champion. The World Cup was a chance for others to qualify for an additional place.
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I think the update on the situation is in order.
Over last couple of weeks we exchanged couple of emails with the President of FMJD Mr. Otten, General Secretary Mr. Teer and Tournament Director Mr. Jacec Pawlicki.
To our sorrow, which should have been expected nevertheless, Mr. Otten has refused to listen to the voice of logic as he replied to our polite request to analyze and reconsider the rules for qualifications. Furthermore, it appears that he has totally misunderstood our reason for comments and even our sanity, by writing the remarks such as:

  • "What you ask now is: to hell with your qualification tournaments, we (the American Federation) will decide who is going to Beijing. As you will understand, that’s not the way it is or will be."
  • "When I would extrapolate your reasoning in extremis you would want to let ICAONA decide who would go to Beijing and because it takes too much time to get there and to play you would tell us the final place in Beijing and ask us to transfer the price money. "

Please, Mr. Otten, we are not so naive to think that we in ICAONA, have any influence or power to change the players' ranking. As Alex Mogilyansky wrote in his reply to Mr. Otten: "The goal of our letters is not to blame anybody ... we just want to help you to create good system."
The failure of the current system is obvious to anyone, not even a checker player. We are assuming that checkers is a sport (often a reason for argument with my friends), but if it is - then criteria for selecting the best players shall be similar to what it is in other sports, right? Let's consider a competition in long jumping for this theoretical discussion. You have 2 sportsmen: one completed 2 jumps, each of them 5 meters. The second only jumped once, but jumped to the distance of 9 meters. Which one would you say is better? Before you answer this, here is how FMJD would judge it: the first person is obviously rated higher since the sum of his jumps 5 + 5 = 10, which is more than 9 meters acheved by the other (9 + 0 = 9). Sounds crazy? That is how we feel. According to FMJD." First of all we want players to play to get qualified " (so whoever plays more will be qualified over someone who plays less). Now. whom does such system benefit? Obviously, the professional players who receive sponsorships or government support, and therefore can afford to travel to competition all year long since they have no other obligations. Who does this system exclude or discriminate? All of us, US players: professionals, business owners, workers - all those who need to support themselves and the family in order to be able to play... It is sad that with the current system our superior players, masters and grandmasters will not be able to attend world elite events... Something we all need to be aware....
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The http://www.warcaby.com.pl/fmjdwc/?p=58 rates Mr. Silva as #18 in the World Cup standings, with Mr. Mogiliansky #22 and Mr. Sklyarov #27.
The stated Qualification to Beijing lists the following criteria:
■12 players → 11 in order of WorldCup
■1 FMJD Wild Card
■maximum 3 per country
■minimum 1 per continent and minimum 1 from China

None of the American players qualified on their own (top 11) but Mr. Silva got in to represent the American continent.
Mr. Silva had his 9 meter jump winning the Pan-American championship...
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Jake - the point is not who got the trip to Beijing. Alan had only won over Alex M by a lucky break in 4th or 5th blitz game. But this is not the point.
The point is that the system placed him #18 on the list by combining two of his mediocre results together when taken individually, he did worse than our guys. That is pretty unfair way to rank the players.
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