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Main » 2011 » April » 1 » US Team successfully completes 16TH Pan-Am
US Team successfully completes 16TH Pan-Am
8:18 AM
In a dramatic finale, Alex Mogiljansky finished up with the same number of points as a young Brazilian Allan Silva. The barrage games were the condition of the tournament to decide on a champ title.  First three games (15, 10 and 5 minutes) finished with the draws, and only the 4th one ended with the victory of Allan. Nevertheless, we still consider Alex the champion together with Allan, especially since he has the greatest number of victories than young Brazilian.  During the tournament, we celebrated Alex's 69th birthday, and we congratulate him and hope that he will find strength to successfully represent USA in World championship in May.
As of the rest of the team, Yevgeniy Sklyarov finished up sharing 4-5th place with Franz Forbin of Guadeloupe.  Here the number of victories criteria was used, and Yevgeniy was given a 5th place.
Luba Turiy finished up with the 12th place but was pronounced during the closing ceremony as a female champion of Pan-Am.
New leaders of Pan-Am were elected on the meeting of March 23rd.  Raoul Alias, who seved for 14 years, wished to retire and a new energetic person, Mr. Clifton Agata was elected to replace him.  Clfton asked Yevgeniy Sklyarov to serve to Pan-Am as a second secretary.  In parallel, during the visit of 6x world champion Mr. Harm Wirsma, the creation of special children federation was discussed, with Mr. Wirsma being a honorable president and Alex Mogilyansky a vice president.  Raising new champions is the most important goal of our movement, and we wish Alex a great success with this honorable mission.
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I do not understand - you said this was a tournament for the older players "Pan-Am senior championship" but the winner is a "young Brazilian Allan Silva". How young is young ?
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Pan-Am is using a tournament name "Pan-Am Seniors" to distinguish with Junior competitions they do as well for young boys and girls. Yes, seniors sounds confusing when they just mean "adults", but I did not want to rename their event to make it more confusing for those who are aware of original naming convention. In any case, a good news is that in phone conversation, Alex confirmed to me that he is planning to attend World Championship in May.
As of Allan Silva - he is just 18, and hopefully has a long and successful checker career in front of him! He showed great results and was a very pleasant company despite his limited English. We should certainly route for both Alex and Allan at world championship! Double A for Pan-Am! biggrin
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