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Main » 2012 » March » 15 » US Open 2012 - 1st Round in Progress
US Open 2012 - 1st Round in Progress
1:58 PM
Yesterday, we had some nice opening which started by Robert Capriata reading alloud a greeting from Dr. Joseph Leon Paul, the President of International Checkers Association of North America, who had to cancel the participation in the tournament due to the serious illness of his wife.  Dr. Paul saluted the participants of all 10 countries attending the tournament, and wished everyone great game. The full text of the greeting will be posted shortly.
Alex Mogilyansky in his speech thanked everyone for coming and expressed his feelings that he could not have celebrated his birthday in a better company.
Mr. Oostburg from Suriname than sent best wishes and prayers from all the participants to Dr. Paul and his wife.
Then Luba Turiy, as a main referree, went over the tournament rules and Yevgeniy Sklyarov, as a secretary of ICAONA declared the tournament open.
Special thanks to the new member of ICAONA, Nikolas Derival, who assisted with translation in French.
After lunch, the participants played round system Blitz tournament with 18 people.  In a very tough competition Yevgeniy Sklyarov (USA) won with 31 points out of 34 - the only game he lost was to Murod Amrillaev(Russia), who nevertheless, ended second with just one point less as he lost in the first round to Alex Mogilyansky. 
In turn, Alex Mogilyansky (USA) ended with the third place with 26 points.
Right behind him were Justinas Jankunas (Lithuania) with 25 points (4th place), Guno Burleson (Suriname) - 24 points and Anatoliy Iatsenko (Ukraine) with 20 points. 
Congratulations to winners of US Blitz 2012!
The first round is played between the following players (some results are already in):
Marcel Oosburg (0) - Murod Amrillaev (2)
Alex Mogilyansky (1)   -  Andrey Gaydukov (1)
Yevgeniy Sklyarov (2) - Aleksandr Iyrgenson (0)
Guno Burleson (2) - Leeroy Langerak (0)
Justinas Jankunas (2) - Ivan Shovkoplyas (0)
Devendra Dindial (0) - Dikson Maughn (2)
Anatoly Iatsenko (2) - Fredrick C. Kamara (0)
Alex Rudnitsky  - Mouhamadoul Diop
Adama Gueye (1) - Ludmila Sivuk (1)
Ndongo Fall(1) - Robert Capriata(2)
Theo Dijkstra (1) - Nikolas DEerival (1)
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