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Main » 2012 » September » 3 » Updates from FMJD - new ratings and other...
Updates from FMJD - new ratings and other...
7:09 PM
As I have done in the beginning of the year, please see new FMJD ratings pertaining to ICAONA members downloaded fro FMJD website:
A-list is for most active players (2 players from the USA made it). Congratulations to those players whose rating went up (marked in green)!
Best players from US selected by rating:
1 Kacher, Jake             UNITED STATES      2374 
2 Mogilianski, Alexander UNITED STATES gmi 2317 A-list
3 Sklyarov, Yevgeniy    UNITED STATES mi   2293 A-list
4 Ribakov, Igor            UNITED STATES mi   2275
5 Rudnitsky, Alexander  UNITED STATES mf  2191
6 Capriata, Robert        UNITED STATES      2167
7 Edouard, Serge         UNITED STATES      2166
8 Paul, Joseph             UNITED STATES      2160
9 Landais, Gerard         UNITED STATES      2145
10Bouloute, Claude       UNITED STATES      2118
11Volel, Eric                 UNITED STATES     2104
12Baptiste, Wilner Jean  UNITED STATES     2090
13Blyheid, Willem          UNITED STATES     2080
14Gachelin, Ernst          UNITED STATES     1982
15Kersainvil,Lomegard    UNITED STATES     1982
16Turiy, Lublyana         UNITED STATES      1970
17Fleurime, Jean Joseph UNITED STATES     1965
The rest of ICAONA members are listed with rating "0", that means they have not completed enough game to have their ratings calculated - need to play more!
As of the second piece of news, we received correspondence from FMJD office about their General Assembly meeting that looks like let to some disagreement between federations on status of 64-square game.  ICAONA decided not to take part in that vote, we went on the record stating that as we represent only 100 square game, we have no business in making decision that affect other checker games. Read the report  - no further comments....
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