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11:04 PM
  Congratulations to Technical Director of ICAONA and creator of this site Lyublyana Turiy. For outstanding job as an organizer and a main referee of international tournament "US OPEN – Kolman Turiy Memorial " for period from 2008 to 2010 years, Executive Board of the FMJD awarded Lyublyana FMJD referee title. The boards of ICAONA appreciate Lyublyana’s tremendous efforts in development international checkers in USA and wish her great health and achievement all of plans.
 Below you can read the letter from
 President Technical Committee FMJD
 General Secretary FMJD
 Mr. Frank Teer
  Dear members of the draughts federation of the USA,

First I want to apologize for the long time it has taken the FMJD to discuss about the candidature for FMJD referee for mrs. Lyublyana Turiy.
I will explain a little bit about the reasons for this.
We have discussed the candidature within the Technical committee of the FMJD.
Several members, international referees, were seriously against the nomination because no member of the Technical committee knows about the referee performance of Mrs. Turiy. We could not rely on any information of an international referee or FMJD referee who has seen her work as referee.
On the background also there is the common practice in the earlier days in the former Sovjet states to give referee titles as presents to organisers without any referee capabilities.
We formed more clear procedures to prevent such things from happening.
However also some members of the Technical committee were in favor of the referee proposal to stimulate and motivate the USA federation because there is not yet an official referee in the USA. These members said that we should trust a member federation when it proposes a candidate for referee.
Because this could not be decided on a technical level we submitted the proposal to the Executive Board who discussed it in the meeting in November 2010.
The executive board however considered it to be a case for the Technical Committee and gave some guidelines for deciding about this question.
Someone asked Alexander Schwarzman as a member of the Executive Board of the FMJD if he could give his opinion to us as he was going tot the tournament in the USA.
Of course Alexander has seen many referees working, good referees and bad referees, so his judgement could play a role. Alexander gave a positive judgement to the members of the Technical committee about the referee qualities of Mrs. Turiy.
This is one of the reasons why we decided to give the FMJD referee title to Mrs Turiy.
Congratulations for Mrs. Turiy from the Executive Board of the FMJD.

Kind regards,
Frank Teer
President Technical Committee FMJD
General Secretary FMJD
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