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Main » 2011 » October » 6 » First Brazilian World League - Women
First Brazilian World League - Women
0:43 AM
Soon after one international women tournament ended, another began... This one is in Brazilian checkers, which are played on a 64-square board with the same rules as international chackers on 100-square board.  Our country and organization is represented by Alona Lukatz - an arbiter of US Open 2010, many of you should remember. I think we should all cheer for Alona as it is her first time playing this version of checker game, and playing at all after 20+ years of not touching the checker board!  She has a pretty good start with 1 draw after two rounds. Keep it up, Alona!  
An interesting observation - there is no mentioning of this competition on the official FMJD website - a revenge to Brazil twice failing Men World Championship of prior year, I guess?  Whatever is the reason and any politics aside, I would like personally to congratulate Brazil for organizing this spectacular event, especially among women, in our end of the world and it is great that our country received an invitation to participate. I certainly hope that it will be followed by the Second, and the Thrid League, etc. and that they will contact us in ICAONA directly next time.  It seems that Brazil was able to find good sponsors as all the expenses for travel and accommodation of the girls were paid by Brazilian Federation, and there are also money prizes for top places as well.  And with that many sponsors and spectators watching the games (take a look at the pictures http://www.damasonline.com.br/) , who needs any official recognition?  Maybe this is the way for ICAONA to consider in future... 
BTW, here are site where they publish the games - http://www.lelio.com.br/fbwl/fbwl.htm.  They are using "flying piece" lottery to make the beginnings more interesting - really fun to watch!
(Both sites provided by Yevgeniy Sklyarov - thanks!)

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