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Igor Rybakov

Amazing Shots - Part 1

February 25, 2004

I. Rybakov - E. Vatutin  

This position happened during the Byelorussian Nationals but I found this fantastic shot only at home during the analysis.
Next day after the game I offered the shot to four very strong grandmasters to solve. After 30 minutes none of them did.

Later Harm Wiersma said that the shot was not that complicated but its mechanism was not easy to find and it was very unusual.

A. Plakhin - I. Rybakov (Byelorussia 2000)

The 19.34x25 variation

After 18.... 24-30 Grandmaster Plakhin thought for about 30 minutes but still could not figure out what was going on! He jumped 19.35x24 (the other jump is shown to the right).
People present said this was a new shot in this opening and the shot that broke through to the almost closed square 50 was totally new.

I. Rybakov - R. Hlebokasov (simuli game)

I. Rybakov - R. Palmer (analysis)
This shot is not yet known in the Checkers world and I want to dedicate this to the opening of this site!

I. Tereshko - I. Rybakov (Black Move)

It is black's move in this position.
The impression is that white's position is impenetrable - but the game on a 100 squares is famous for its shots!
Now a checkers tornado is going to swipe the board of most of the checkers!

When I indicated my final jump (this was during a zeitnot) one of the judges yelled "Must jump the most!" (the judge should not interfere). After his words I got scared because I could not find a way to jump 8. I finally jumped as intended but wasted a minute on the judge's exclamation leaving me with 30 seconds to spare!

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