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Tournament System
9-round Swiss system.
Schedule of the games and events is listed separately here.
Tie Breaking Rules
I. In case of equal number of points, the player's position affecting the first 6 prize winning places
    is determined by the following criteria in the order of their precedence:
   1) the highest sum of points of the player's opponents
   2) result of the meeting between players with equal number of points, if they met
   3) highest number of victories.
II. When the tie breaking mechanism 1) cannot rank the players, the other criteria are used
     only for the announcement and tropheys, the money prize is divided equally between all.
III. The specific place is not being determined for players whose result is not high enough to be
      in the prize winning group, i.e. if the group of players are sharing 7 through 18th places,
      they are all listed with the same 7-18 result and each of them is considered to take the 7th place.
No other rule is allowed to supercede or be appended to the tie breaking rules above,
even when all three fail to determine player's placement in the tournament.
Prizes will be awarded for the first 6 places.
For blitz tournament, small prizes will be awarded for the first 3 places.
Additional surprise prizes will be awarded as well.
Main prizes:                       Blitz:
   1st place - $1000               1st place - $100 
   2nd place -  $600               2nd place - $ 60 
   3rd place -   $400               3rd place - $ 40
   4th place -   $200
   5th place -   $150           US Champion    
   6th place -   $125               Special prize for $150 awarded from the independent sources
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