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[2010-11-18] US Open 2010 has started
US open has started with 34 participants (record number). 16 American players and 18 guests from other countries will fight for the title of the winner of the US Open 2010... To be continued...

[2010-11-22] Preliminary results of 2nd round
We have 4 leaders: Yevgeniy Sklyarov, Alexander Schvartsman, Vitalia Doumesh and Murod Amrilaev. Give way to the ladies!

[2010-11-23] Update after 3rd round
The results of the 3rd round are just listed. All games in the leader's group were draws, that allowed some new players to jump in. Yury Chertok (Russia), Eddy Azimullah (USA) and Alexander Mogiljansky (USA) jumped into the game.

[2010-11-24] Results of 4th round
Tournament has 2 leaders: Alexander Schvartsman and Murod Amrilaev, both from Russia. The rest of the leading group had draws.
[2010-11-25] Results of 5th round
In 5th round Mogilyansky received a penalty loss for the use of cell phone in the game with Shvartsman that allowed Shvartsman to become a sole leader as the game between Amrilaev and Doumesh was finished with a draw. Alex Rudnitsky (USA) caught up with Amrilaev - 8 points each while winning over Eddy Azimullah (USA).
[2010-11-25] 6th round
In 6th round Alexander Shvartsman had won over Alexander Rudnitsky and Murod Amrilaev had won over Shang Wong Louceus of Canada. They are leading correspondingly with 11 and 10 points. The next close group of 6 people is with 8 points: Yury Chertok, Ricardo Pierre, Victoria Doumesh, Alexander Rudnitsky, Gerson Bendt and Richard Mooser.
[2010-11-26] 7th round
Alexander Shvartsman won another game against Yury Chertok. Murod Amrilaev won against Alexander Rudnitsky so he is just one point behind with 12 points. The third place is taken by Gerson Bendt from Surinam with 10 points who won today over Ricardo Pierre from Haiti. Best American players are now Alex Mogilyansky and Yevgeniy Sklyarov, both with 9 points. Tonight the tournament players and the guests are invited by ICAONA board to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with the dinner in the hotel's restaurant. Tomorrow the guests will be taken to a sightseeing tour in Miami.
[2010-11-27] 8th round determined 2 first places
In 8th round Alexander Shvartsman had won over Gerson Bendt of Surinam and Murodullo Amrilaev made a draw with Yevgeniy Sklyarov (USA). They are unreachable by others with 15 and 13 points correspondingly. The next is a group of 8 people (Frank Zziva, Shang Wong Louiceus, Gerson Bendt, Alexander Mogilyanskiy, Serge Edouard, Richard Mooser, Yury Chertok and Yevgeniy Sklyarov - all with 10 points).

[2010-11-27] We have new USA Champion!
As a result of last round, 2 US players finished with the 3rd highest number of points: Serge Edouard of Miami, Florida and Yevgeniy Sklyarov of Huntington, NY. Yevgeniy had a better sum of points of opponents and as a result he got the 3rd place in the US Open tournament, and a title of the US Champion. Serge is behind with the 4th place.

[2010-11-28] Last day and closing ceremony for US Open 2010
On last day of US Open 2010, 15 players competed in a blitz tournament. Once again, the first place went to Alexander Shvartsman and the second place took Murod Amriloev. Third place won grandmaster from USA Alexander Mogilyansky.
After completion of the game, the players and guests were invited to the closing ceremony. The ceremony was attended by the vice major of Sunny Isles Beach, Mr. Lewis Thaler. Mr. Anatoly Glazer of Sunny Isles Beach newspaper Novaya Florida and Valery Osman from Moscow, Russia had provided the media coverage during the tournament.
The ceremony was opened by Dr. Paul, president of ICAONA, who thanked everyone for participation. Two more ICAONA board members - Alex Rudnitsky, Willem Blyheid,then gave credit to supporters and organizers of the tournament. Another ICAONA member and former champion of USA Alexander Mogiljyansky then shared with audience his thoughts and wishes to participants. Few other distinquished guests made speaches: Mr. Lewis Thaler, the vice major of Sunny Isles Beach, Raoul Alias, president of Pan-American Federation, Yury Chertok, president of Russia Federation, Ivan Shovkoplyas, honorary former president of FMJD and Alexander Shvartsman, world champion and winner of US Open 2010.
At last, the technical director if the tournament, Luba Turiy, has announced the results and gave awards to the first 6 places of the US Open 2010 and first three places of the blitz tournament. For the main tournament, the 5th and 6th place was shared by Alexander Mogilyansky and Vitaliya Doumesh. 3 criteria used to distinguish the places were used with no results: sum of opponents points, result of the game between contesting players and number of victoriesof each contestant. Alexander, as a real gentelman then allowed Vitaliya to take home the trophey for the 5th place, while the amount of monetary prize was shared equaly between both of them.
Next, the special prizes were announced:
- Jake Kacher - national grandmaster, member of ICAONA - has donated $150 to the best shot during the game. The prize after thorough analysis went to Ricardo Pierre of Haiti. The combination he created will be posted on the website shortly. 
- Dr. Landais - vice president of ICAONA - has requested to establish a separate price for the winner of the first game in US Open 2010. The arbiters had dillema in giving the award: technically the first finished game belonged to a Canadian, Mr. Jean Raymond, whose opponent lost a game 15 minutes after start when his cell phone was ringing. However, the decision was made not to count this, but give credit instead to Mr. Eddy Azimullah - who won a game over his friend Mr. Willem Blyheid. This was a very first game that finished with the victory during the US Open 2010.
- Another prize was donated by former secretary of AICS Mr. Roger Blaine to the player who has traveled long distance to attend the event. It was a set of rare checker pieces. After verifying distances on google maps, the price went to a bright player from Uganda Frank Zziva who overcame a heavy battle for his visa and 28 hours travel time to reach Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Good job, Frank and hope you have strength to come again!
Next, the certificates were awarded to two groups of people:
a) newly qualifications:
 - national master - Eddy Azimullah,
 - national grandmaster - Yevgeniy Sklyarov (Yevgeniy has already received a title of grandmaster of Pan-American federation, this is his second grandmaster title :)).
Few other people who were supposed to but did not receive their Master titles last year, has received them during the ceremony: 
 - Willem Blyheid of Brooklyn, NY for success during US Championship 2006, 
 - Dr. Joseph Leon Paul for US Championship 2007, and 
 - Eric Volel for US Open 2009.
b) donors and supporters of ICAONA. Among award recepients in this category were:
- at first, the City of Sunny Isles Beach for helping ICAONA to acquire newest clocks and checkers.
- Veniamin Sonin and Stella Ravve who also helped set up the closing ceremony,
- Leningrad district sport committee (represented by Alexander Yurgenson and Andrey Gaydukov) who donated brand new 100-squares checker boards to ICAONA,
- Yury Chertok, president of Russian Draughts federation for carrying electronic board which unfortunately was not used,
- Alexander Rudnitsky and Anatoly Glazer who helped to make lodging and meal arrangements,
- Ms. Janet Solitario of Newport Beachside Hotel who was organizing the event inside Newport Beachside Hotel,
- ICAONA sponsors of US Open 2010, including Dr. Paul, Dr. Landais, Jake Kacher, Alexander Baras, Yefim Kotlyar, Jean Raymond (Quebec, Canada), Alexander Mogilyansky, David Nudelman, Ernst Gachelin, Willem Blyheid, Eric Volel.
Mr. Lewis Thaler assisted Luba in handing of the awards.
At the end, Luba has given the gold participation medals to all players and guests with traditional ICAONA motto: "everyone is a winner!".
Luba has also informed the group that with the record participation of best American and international players, this will be the last US Open - Kolman Turiy memorial event that has been hosted by ICAONA with her overseeing. "It is a special bitter sweet event for me", she said. "I was attending and judging checker events for years, but this one is different because it is my last. I am personally proud of what we have achieved in 3 years, but we better quit while we are ahead rather than letting it slowly get down." Yet, the 100-square checker movement in the USA will definitely grow. She was happy to inform the audience that Alexander Rudnitsky and Anatoly Glazer of Sunny Isles Beach will "run the show" next year. "It is going to be a different tournament next year", she said, "with different rules, different arbiters, different time period and different name, but I hope from the depth of my heart that despite all the unavoidable changes, the new tournament will keep the same soul, same unique atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality that my father, Kolman Turiy has started".
Mr. Willem Blyheid then announced that "US Open 2010 is officially closed". The guests were invited to have a glass of champaigne and light refreshments. Mr. Valery Osman from Moscow media center was taking group pictures that we hope to be posted on the website shortly.
Till next year!
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