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Our history is short, but yet we are very proud of our accomplishments:

  • ICAONA's official birthdate is on December 19, 2002 when the new organization was registered by New York State DOS Division of Corporations.

  • On May 16, 2005 ICAONA received its tax-exempt status for being recognized as section 501(c)(3) charity non-profit organization.

  •  Few months later, in July 22, 2005 ICAONA board sent a petition to become a member of the FMJD.

  • In September 2007 ICAONA organized US Championship after AICS cancelled the tournament.  We consider this day our real christening...

  • In April 2008 ICAONA hosted US Open 2008 - first international competition on the USA soil which was open only to participants from American continents.
    We received representatives of three countries: Canada, Haiti, Trinidad and Tobago.

  • On December 2009 ICAONA hosted US Open 2009 - now truly international competition with 29 players representing countries now from all over the world: Antigua, Costa Rica, Haiti, Mali, Russia, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, USA.  The tournament was named Kolman Turiy Memorial in memory of ICAONA first Vice President who passed away in April 2009.  The great success of this tournament is another big step in our strive for world's recognition.

  • US Open 2009 was followed by 3 more international competitions, exceeding 2009 by the number of participant countries and caliber of players. Among our guests were e-world champion Alexander Schvartsman and vice champion Murod Amrilaev.
You will find in the links below the details of all events held by ICAONA in previous years...
Also. make sure to check our
photo albums.

US Open 2011

US Open 2010

US Open 2009

US Open 2008

US Championship 2007

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