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[December 7, 2009] After 2 rounds Robert Capriata (USA) and Bernard Willock (Antigua) are both leading with 2 victories.

[December 8, 2009] 3rd round completed with 2 leaders - Robert Capriata (USA) and Bernard Willock (Antigua) - making a draw after almost 6-hour game.  As such, they were chased by other four players who have won the last round: Yury Chertok (Russia), Anderson Charles (Trinidad and Tobago), Alexander Rudnitsky (USA),
Cheick Sadabou Drame (Mali). 
[December 9, 2009] After first half of US Open 2009 is through (4 out of 8 rounds), we have two leaders again: Robert Capriata (USA) and Yury Chertok (Russia), each having 7 out of 8 points.  In 4th round Capriata took an important victory over last year champion Alexander Rudnitsky.  Chertok won over Andy Charles of Trinidad and Tobago, who shared 3rd-4th place with Alexander Mogilyansky last year. Four more people are closely behind with 6 points: Bernard Willock (Antigua), Cheick Sadabou Drame (Mali), Oleg Dashkov(Russia) and Yury Kirillov (Russia).
[December 10, 2009] Big surprises of the 5th round were losses of Robert Capriata, the leader of the tournament to Yury Chertok, and Ricardo Pierre to Andy Charles - both because of time shortage.  Also, last year prize winners Alex Rudnitsky and Dr. Paul did not play too well: Rudnitsky made a very difficult draw with Claude Bouloute and Dr. Paul lost to Lomegard Kersainvil.  As of others in the leading group, Oleg Dashkov (Russia) won over Bernard Willock (Antigua), and Cheick Sadabou Drame (Mali) made a draw with Yury Kirillov (Russia).  Current leaders are Yury Chertok (9 out of 10 points), following by Oleg Dashkov (8 out of 10 points).
[December 11, 2009] Russian players jump ahead: Yury Chertok (10 out of 12 points) had a draw with Oleg Dashkov (9 out of 12 points). They are followed by a group of 6 people: Jean Michelet Giraud, Robert Capriata,
Cheick Sadabou Drame, William Orie, Anderson Charles, Yury Kirillov - each with 8 points.
[December13, 209] By the end of the tournament on December 12 it was clear that the first price will go to the guest from Russian Federation - Yury Chertok. Yet, dramatic fight for the 2nd-3rd place occurred between Oleg Dashkov (Samara, Russia) and Alex Rudnitsky (Sunny Isles, Florida, USA). This was the last game of the tournament that lasted for about 80 moves and took almost maximum allocated time - 6 hours 20 minutes. At the end, Oleg Dashkov has won and also finished with 12 points - same as Yury Chertok, yet his coefficient (sum of opponent points) was less than of Chertok, that is why he had to receive the 2nd place only. Third place also went to Russia - to Yury Kirillov who have received 11 points. Next, there were 5 people who shared all 10 points, their names in the order of the place they took according to the coefficient, are: Cheick Sadabou Drame(Mali), Jean Michelet Giraud (USA), Ricardo Pierre (Haiti), Robert Capriata(USA), and William Orie (Surinam).  Jean Michelet Giraud as the highest scored US player, has received the title of Champion of USA.
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