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23. Adam Andall   (2010-11-24 6:32 PM) E-mail
Great tournament guys,so sorry I cant be there,wish all the players luck and keep the draughts flag flying.dr. Paul,willam bly,see you guys in NY soon happy sad

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22. Shotgun   (2010-11-21 2:19 PM) E-mail
Good Luck to the players. smile

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21. PETER RAMSUNDAR   (2010-11-21 7:20 AM) E-mail
congratulation to the players and best wishes to the committee,can you please post the results after each round,trinidad and tobago will be supporting ROBERT CAPRIATA.

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20. Maarten van Leenen   (2010-11-20 8:30 AM) E-mail
On behalf of all our members of SNA I want to wish all participants good luck in this tournament and may the best player win.

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19. Lanfrey Daniel France   (2010-11-17 7:16 AM) E-mail
Delighted to see checkers in north america.

good tournament to you

You can see our website. There are many combination about checkers

Kind regards

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18. Alexander Moiseyev [rusms]   (2010-11-14 11:18 PM) E-mail
Nicely and lovely done in memory of Kolman ! I am sorry to say I was unable to attend it and decline Eugene offer - due to my family, work and Anglo-American checker commitments.

Kolman was a great man with great heart. Luba and Eugene did a great job to sponsor and host such a wonderful event - many thanks !

I wish everyone good luck in the torunament and best should win !


Alex Moiseyev
Checkers Wold Champion

Columbus, OH,
November 13, 2010

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17. Timothy Moore   (2010-11-08 8:20 AM) E-mail
cry surprised cool biggrin

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16. Theo Dijkstra   (2010-10-20 9:28 AM) E-mail
Do you have the list of participants?

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15. Mitsuo Omata   (2010-10-18 2:57 AM) E-mail
Thank you for your kind invitation to Kolman Turiy Memorial.
but in Japan few people can play the game.
Now we are sending two players to Asia draughts tournament

Mitsuo Omata
Japan Checkers Draughts Association

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14. amaury peralta [amanteson1981]   (2010-06-30 10:57 AM)
Robert Capriata and josel paul, I write to him to say to him that the national tilt of my country is in September and 3 better players were playing in the Pan-American one from the 11th to June 25 if I manage to classify between firstly three plough the possible thing to be going to to support his tilt as player.

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13. amaury peralta [amanteson1981]   (2010-05-12 12:12 PM)
Hello we are doing the possible thing to all for takes part my companion miguel almanzar (bronco) and I in participation of Dominican republic, are doing the process of the permission to be able to go to the event, if they give us the visa entoces we meet

amauri peralta

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12. Ng   (2010-04-02 9:42 AM)
Hello any one in this site
i am ready an able to participate for ICAONA tournament in Floride, US 19-28 november...

As this is my fisrt participation i need help for any members in this organization.

Thanks very much !

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11. madLyfe   (2010-02-27 3:13 PM) E-mail
Ola, what's up amigos? smile
I will be glad to get some help at the beginning.
Thanks and good luck everyone! wink

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10. Ricardo. E   (2009-12-21 9:35 AM) E-mail
I just watched parts of Yury Shertok I see it is a great player and think he is prenable, but much kudos to you sir champion.


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9. Ricardo   (2009-12-21 9:27 AM) E-mail
I just watched parts of Yury Shertok I see it is a great player and think he is prenable, but much kudos to you sir champion.


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